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Hello, you fabulous bunch of humans! 

Hard to believe our precious group of November testers has finished up their collective.  Listen here’s my advice to you pass this beast and then remember these words I’m about to tell you, hold them deep in your soul.  Are you listening??? 

“You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here!!”

What but wait you want to get rid of us, yep you’re darn right we do, we want every one of you to pass this test and then we can be like those kids on the breakfast club that pass in the hallways and give each other that knowing glance and think of all the countless nights we spent together and go back to those fond memories we share.  I know it will be painful at first but you will move on I promise.  But when you see us on the book of faces or insta, give us a like or a share every now and then, you know us we love the attention.

Now for you February babies, come on in, we have room for you. 

February Session will be on Mon/Thur night taught by both of your favorite Behavior Bitches @ 7 pm CT.  

Any questions? Check out our FAQ section, Instagram, Facebook or hit up our email.

P.S. In case you haven’t heard we started a podcast (NBD or anything) so check out Behavior Bitches wherever you listen to podcasts

Love ya. Mean it. 

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