The Ultimate Collective Notebook






So I am sure by now, you know our claim to fame here at SNABA. We make the normally boring & aversive task of studying, #ReinforcingAF.

If you want your studying and notetaking to be #FunAF, you need this Ultimate Collective Notebook.

This notebook turns your notes into a glorious art project.

Unleash your inner artist. You can now be excited to pull out your notebook with all your amazing pens, highlighters, stickers, and more.


What you can expect:

  • 9×7 inch journal
  • Well bound with an extra large 1.25” spiral
  • Over 100 unique pages
  • 12 colored grid pages so you can beautifully draw out your experimental designs
  • 6 dotted pages
  • and a mixed assortment of pattern paper, including honeycomb, mixed media paper, black, kraft, and watercolor paper, and 24 pound colored paper #nobleedingthrough

Oh and:

  • The front has a welcoming love note guiding you how we recommend you use this notebook.
  • A Cooper Chapter tracker
  • and a token economy to make sure you’re reinforcing yourself as you get closer to the exam.

Every single page has been chosen with love to make the perfect notebook by Liat.