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In Instagram lingo: For when you have to “study, but make it fashion”.

In ABA lingo: if pretty pens and papers are a preferred stimulus for you then use this to make your boring AF textbooks and notes less aversive! BOOM conditioning!

Included in the Pretty Pack you’ll find an assortment of the following amazingly currated items (i.e., products we use daily and looooove):

Fun Paperclips– who knew paperclips could be anything but boring?!

Gorgeous Milky Highlighters– the most amazing pastel hues (12 of them)

Muji Pens– You may not know it but you need these for your handwriting to be up to par. (12 of them)

Notepads– always need to jot stuff down like, ACT AGE B

Stickers– when it doubt add more flair

Earmarks– turn to the exact page you need in that GD Cooper book

Ruler– to start all your bullet journal dreams and goals

Daily Study Schedule Pad: Self monitoring your study behavior just got so much for fun with this pad.

Washi Tape: because duh you need it.

File Tabs: gotta know how to easily identify where everything is in your Cooper, Ethics, and Task list books!

That pencil doe: it’s that pencil that Miss. Perfect always had in your class with the charm hanging from it

Graph Paper Post its: Enough trying to draw straight lines for all your experimental designs.

Eraser: the erasers are cute AF and all resemble a favorite dessert.

Extra Surprise: Each pouch comes with a few extra surprises that we love to use, so we thought you have to have it too!


Seriously, you have to study. So, you might as well make it FASHUN.

As  that Liat chick says, “spend more money than you typically would on pens, paper, and anything that will make the act of studying just that much more reinforcing”. 

**side note: Liat argued extra hard to get the suppliers to be able to get this stuff to you at this price. If ordered seperately, this would cost you a ton more. If you don’t believe us, do the research yourself!! Love ya.