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  • A-B-C
    Antecedent - Behavior - Consequence. This is the three term contingency which is also known as our primary unit of analysis in ABA.

  • ABC continuous recording
    This is a type of direct observation in which the observer records occurrences of the target behaviors & selected environmental events in the natural routine during a period of time. This information gathered can then be used to form hypotheses of what function may be maintaining the problem(...)

  • ABC narrative recording
    This is a type of direct observation in which the recording is open-ended. Any antecedent events or consequences are recorded. Data is collected only when the behavior of interest is observed. This may be less time consuming than ABC continuous recording but may not yield as clear hypotheses(...)

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  • Operant Conditioning
    Operant conditioning is a learning process whereby deliberate behaviors are reinforced through consequences

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  • Potential Reinforcers
    The first thing you need to know about reinforcement is the difference between a reinforcer and a potential reinforcer. A potential reinforcer is anything your dog wants enough that it seems likely that he would be willing to change his behavior to get it.