Liat is a regular girl and BCBA who started this whole thing a while back as a newly certified BCBA teaching free zooms as a way to pay it forward. Liat “knew” (how mantalistic of her) she could help people pass the damn test. Sure enough, she helped others pass and that’s how the whole team of SNABA came to be. It’s made up of all the top badasses who killed this test using SNABA’s fun approach of studying.

Fair question.We are not claiming to be Skinner experts or anything. But, we are Board Certified Behavior Analysts who passed on our first attempt. We study hard and we play hard.

We are don’t walk around with our noses held up since we are BCBAs. Instead, we want you to realize we are people just like you, who were in your very shoes not too long ago.

We relate highly to the feelings of test prep stress-and you’ll pick up on that vibe. It’s super important to us that you know we’re just like you. We studied our asses off, felt petrified, took the damn test, and passed.

No one wants to be spoken down to. We are here to talk with you about the 4th edition Task List topics. We’re not interested in lecturing you. Plus, we’re pretty fun.

You do you, boo. In general we have an abundance of study prep material (pens, washi tape, highlighters, notebooks) because it’s what motivated us to get through the tedious process of note taking.

Great question! Please see our store for more info.We offer a ton of packages at varying costs. Our goal is to have an option for everyone. Inclusivity, friends!

Sorry boo, you snooze you loose. If you’ve paid for a package that includes access to Zoom recordings, there’s hope. You can still watch the session but it’s way more fun when you attend live.

No biggie. I’m not your overbearing boss, you’re not on the clock. Log in when you can, leave when you need to.

For the Collective F&%k no…. (I mean you would think this would be a no brainer because once you have this password list you have access to all the collectives and there’s no way for us to take that back). Same idea with the mocks, once you have seen it, you’ve seen it. How can we take that back? Once you commit, we need you to commit for best results. #SorryNotSorry For Items that are Mailed to Me. Sorry but we are unable to accept returns. If your item arrives damaged please contact us at contact@studynotesaba.com for a replacement.

Sorry, we do not have any at this time. However, we do give away two scholarships with our #PayItForwardProgram per cycle. You are free to apply for that. Information on this can be found on our Facebook and Insta accounts.

F&%k no…… as in absoleffinglutely not. We have a life and we make special time to help you pass. Imagine how torturous this study period is for you. Now think that we are doing that on an infinite track to make it less aversive for you. Not to mention, anytime a video is shared by you, we get a friendly notification letting us know. Please, this is our livelihood and as much as we wish people would work for free, I’m sure you understand that no one works without a reinforcement contingency in place #basicbehavior. This being said, if you love us and appreciate how hard we work to bring the best to you, you’ll keep our content on the DL.

Step 1: Create a zoom account. Plan out whether you’ll download the app to your phone or log in on your computer.

Step 2. Make sure you’re in a quiet area so you can contribute and join in on the conversation. If you are in a loud place and can only offer annoying background noise, we’ll have to mute you, and that’s fun for no one.

Step 3. Do your reading! #hitthebooks

I’m not ready to test yet… Do you offer group supervision, 1:1 supervision?

Sorta, remote experience supervision is available as our schedules dictate. Please reach out if your interested in this. Yall- get you a good supervisor and you won’t be freaking out when it’s test time.

It varies, sometimes were more chatty than others but you can count on session being anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours.

Room # 9937485523

It never changes. Hope to see you there, love!

Right now we are way too millennial and green to have any items to ship out. All of our collective sessions are offered online and all permanent products can be downloaded. However, if you order a “R+ Pairing Pack”, or Merch, those will obviously be sent to your house.

Yeah, so, I’m halfway through this, and ya’ll just make me use my brain and I don’t like that so I’m just going to give it to my friend, you cool with that?

F&%k no, you can’t give this away to your friend cause you decided that studying for two nights a week was just too much, (cry us a river you, want to pass this damn test, then suck it up buttercup).

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Short answer, yes… Longer answer, now that you’re a BCBA or BCaBA (mazel tov) there is different information we need from you, and for us to keep on file to provide CEUs.