Getting Hard…and Soft Skills – Professional Behavior Cusps [[Taste Test – 1 CEU]]

Popping your CEU cherry on interpersonal communication skills – a crucial behavior cusp necessary for effective treatment.

**This item includes the CEU workbook, live review access, and CEUs dependent on quiz completion with ya fav girls going over this stuff inside and out! 

The date of this course is: Monday, November 18, 2019 at 7:00 PM CST

Does the thought of sitting through 32 hours of continuing education units bring back memories of studying for the exam #AversiveAF? Well, StudyNotesABA have done it again, we are committed to bringing you quality, evidence-based, relatable, and entertaining content to help you be the #BoardCertifiedBadA$$ we all know you are! We made something typically #BoringAF, ya know, #NotBoringAF. 

What objectives are covered in this course? 

  1. To explore a framework for developing interpersonal communication and self-management skills repertoires as means of increasing practitioner effectiveness
  2. Rehearse how to communicate effectively to non-behavior analytic professionals

But like, what makes this course better than all the other CEU stuff out there? 

Valid point, but we’ve got answers:

  • It comes with a workbook that includes our signature pretty-notes, guiding examples, application practice
  • Amazing layout with pristine work-space to take your own #pretty notes
  • Quality content written by your fav BCBAs using evidence-based resources
  • 1 CEU – upon standard completion of “code-word” quiz
  • Interactive, hands-on activities throughout the course
  • As always, #RelatableAF content with the most inappropriate, off-the-chart behavior to make sure you get this sh*t

What can I expect?

The chance to nerd-out with your fav girls with a guiding + #funAF workbook to get you ready to provide the best f*#&ing behavior analytic services. It took us countless hours combined effort to make this the best sh*t out there. We are #obvi committed to helping you be a #BoardCertifiedBadA$$!  Love you. Mean it.

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Course Includes

  • 2 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz
  • Course Certificate