Head Babe in Charge

Well, this has the potential to be awkward. Sure I could wax poetic for a few paragraphs and really up-sell my mediocre accomplishments to date but that would reek of desperation and no one likes a one-upper. When I am not saving you from the dreaded retest, you can find me drinking a seltzer or iced coffee (it just depends on the time of day), reading about a Bachelor in Paradise scandal, or making insta-stories with my dog, Pavlov (had to stay on brand). 

About Liat:

Liat completed her undergrad and graduate degree in Special Education at the University of Maryland before enrolling in FIT’s ABA Program. After graduation health sh** happened (#adultingproblems), and Liat found herself having to start from square one. So Liat’s background spans from special education classrooms to clinics to potty training in homes (Generalization-am I right?). Liat is passionate about sharing our science and making it accessible to anyone whether it regards needing to shape a friend’s post-breakup ice cream eating behavior or manipulating the environment to get a pal more likes on the gram. Basically, she takes the APPLIED part of our science very seriously.